This is the End

So.  In four day, I will be an official college graduate. I have done my time, waded through the much and mire, shouldered the pain, and shed my blood and tears. The end id VERY fucking nigh. At this point, I really don't care what comes next. Let it come, what ever it my be. I have survived some of the hardest tragedies I've faced in my life over the span of those 4.5 years. I am out on the other side now.

Yesterday was the last day of classes. All I have to do now is wait for returned work and papers to make it back to me. I awoke this morning to the revalation that this was it. I had to be on no one else's time but my own. It is terrifying and awesome in the same movement. Brooke and I are moving into our little house, and another friend is taking this apartment. I will greatly miss this place. It's such a lovely little home, but I have to budget. Graduation is coming around the corner. And I will be in Portand two weeks after that. I need to contact a few grad schools while I am there and see what they potentially have to offer. But the primary basis of the trip is to get a feel for the city where we are thinking about moving to. More than anything, I am welcoming the chance to escape the city for awhile and fully enjoy myself.

I am calm as of right now. I am content with being done and happy that I have a chance to catch up with life again.



I have floated on an around this thing for too long, attempting to keep up with other people while hardly saying anything about myself.I am rather tired right now, but that is hardly anything new. wakey wakey.... So I think I have found a new tether. We'll see how long this one lasts. I've known Brian over four years but this is the first time that either of us have been single at the same time. So far so good. So far... I can't help but be pessimistic in the face of this. He is being so sweet and genuine. I am waiting for him to turn and walk away. There has to be something wrong with that.


Oh, there was some bullshit that went down in my surface design class earlier this week. I have class with this fail-Otaku ex-classmate from high school and this wannabe Harajuku girl(thanks Gwen) Otaku... both are beyond annoying. And I swear that if they ruin Sailormoon for me like they have ruined other things, I'll stab them both. I should anyways. Either way, my girl went back up to class to get her bag. She overheard them talking about how they both believe that there is something wrong or 'defective' about every black person they have met. "Yeah, like they all have ADD or something." Excuse me? oh HELLL no?! Needless to say when she told me this, we both informed the other black girl in our class and out other non-black classmates. We spent the rest of the critique days milking it for all its worth. "Oh I think I could read the text if it were stitched better...or it could be my ADD again."  They have completely fucked themselves for the rest of the year. I am enjoying ruining their reputations for the rest of the year. XD tehe.

Does that make me a bad person? meh, I really don't care. No one ever said that being a good person meant that I had to be a NICE person.

I am ready to graduate. They took two weeks to give me my refund, I have idiots for classmates, and I am just tired of the rhetoric in general. *le sigh* Just a little longer....



gurl i got my hurr did, now all i need to do is get my nailz done. XD

phailz. i know

but i have my lovely dreads finally. they are black and ashen/antique blonde. not to metion that they are curlies! i love them and am wanting to put more in later on.





sounds of silence

there has been huge gaps between these layers. of course so much has happened. moving in and moving on. it's time for me to be a big girl now(thank you Bradley). i will finally have my happy bubble at last. not to mention a swanky studio space for myself. ^_^


more to come, i much rather see the happy faces of my contacts. xoxox

gag reflex

mine has been getting the work out of a lifetime... why? not because of rotten eggs, grotesque humor or a nasty stomach virus. it's because of my roommate. there is this odor that, i promise, is almost undescribable. it permiates the place.

she is utterly disgusting and i fail to understand why the student life department had to put this girl in the same dorm as me. she is vile, ego-centric and fails to realize the concept of personal property. everyday i come home to some smell that can curl nose hairs i wake up to her and her boy-toy's scent creeping under the fucking door. she bathes but there is no helping it. she is a flat out nasty bitch. i am two seconds away from pitching all her crap out onto the balcony to air out. then she uses my towels and the soap i use on my body??? someone pass the bleach. she has to be the worst roommate ever. i wish she would just stay with the boy at his place or at the Declaire house. whatever. just stay away from me.
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i am such an effing dork, but blah, who cares. Ka-chan i joined this for you!!! i'm still trying to fihure all of this out. i sat at work staring at the screen for 10 minutes like WTF mate?

i'll probably me an LJ whore once i have all this sorted out.

~~~~for those who i reading this, be forwarned, i'm about to throw a valley girl gush fit.~~~~~~~~

LIEK OMGAWDZ!!!! shane is coming here tomorrow to seeeee meeeeeeeee!!! *flits happily*

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